Merchant Navy Tanker photographs     
Al Dhafrah, Anco Champion, Anco Charger, Anco Duchess, Anco Duke, Anco Empress, Anco Enterprise, Anco Princess, Anco Sceptre, Anco Sovereign, Anco Templar, Athel Queen, Athel Regent, British Enterprise, Coastal Hercules, Latia, Llangorse, Naticina, Nordic Louisiana, Oloibiri, Pass of Balmaha, Pass of Brander, Post Challenger, Post Chaser, Post Charger, Post Endeavour, Post Enterprise, Curzola, Keewhit, Stolt Fulmar, Calemax Enterprise, Sallie Knutsen, Saargas, Hellespont Centurion, Cumbrian Fisher, Mornes.
Tugs, Mersey/Weaver Vessels  
Keera (1926), Leghorn (1919), Martello, Mehentu, Moyles, Prima, Proceed, Sheldrake, Sea Queen (1912), West Acre, M.S.C Victory, M.S.C. Viking, M.S.C Buffalo, St Michael, Tora, St Oran, Fitzcarraldo, North Sound, Iholm, Ariston, Candourity, Fast Lady, Fortuna Bay, Pamead, Vivi, Uno, Monsunen, Ecctonia, Athel Brae, St Kearan, Pinnau, Sival, Silver River, Pax, Opnor, Vivonia, Triumph, Thistle, Tapacuma, Stormlight.
   Merchant Navy Cargo Ship photographs     
Cardiff City, Devon City, Eastern City, Fresno City, New Westminster City, Orient City, Port Alfred, Port Alberni City, Prince Rupert City, Tacoma City, Vancouver City, Victoria City, Welsh City, Amparo, Elena, Atlantic, Maria Elisa, Sara Lupe, Gela, Avila Star
   Passenger Ship photographs     
1932 to 1950s Passenger  
America Star, Aurelia, Baralga, Himalaya, Maloja, Silvia Onorator, Townsville Star, Dilwara, HMT Neuralia, Winchester Castle
   Merchant Navy Ship Crew Lists     
Crewlists for Panocean Anco and Reardon Smith - 1975 to 1979  
Anco Champion, Anco Duchess,  Anco Duke, Anco Empress, Anco Princess, Anco Sceptre, Anco Sovereign, Anco Stane, Anco Templar, Athel King, Athel Monarch, Athel Queen, Bunga Kesumba, Bunga Sepang, Bunga Selasih, Pass of Balmaha ......etc........
Cardiff City, Devon City, Eastern City, Fresno City, New Westminster City, Orient City, Port Alberni City, Prince Rupert City, Tacoma City, Vancouver City, Victoria City, Welsh City, Amparo, Elena, Atlantic, Maria Elisa, Sara Lupe, Gela
   Commercial Radio Station Audio Clips of 1970s     
Radio Commercials  
Vancouver, SanFransisco, New Orleans (USA commercial radio stations), Springbok Radio (South Africa)
   Armed Forces, Army, Navy RAF     
Armed Forces  
Armed Forces, RN 1940-1960s, RAF 1939/86, RAF Habbaniya 1940-1942, WRENS 1944, Minesweeper MMS-217, Royal Rhodesia Regiment. RAF Halton Instructors 1985
   Panocean-Anco Fleet News, Armed Forces, Redifon Radio Officers, Anco Templar Rescues Korean Fishing Boat, Noon position, Ship's Radio Frequencies, Message forms, Sea stories.     
Odds & Ends - Et cetera  
Panocean Anco Company News, Redifon R/O list, Kwang Myung crew rescue, St.Helena, Chemical Cargo, Noon position, Ship's Radio Frequencies, Message forms, Ship's Itinerary (1975-76), Sea stories, Redifon Southampton Depot, Queens Terrace.

 It is an enormous pleasure to display the records of our experiences at sea and in the armed forces in the hope that you may find something of interest and enjoyment.

   Merchant Navy Day - September 3rd  
   British Merchant Navy  
   Animated shipping company flags  
   Queen Mary drydock 1960 
   RTE Podcast (Irish R/Os, experiences recalled)
   Fort Perch Rock Marine Radio Museum  
   Balmaha - Narrowboat Blog 

 Recommended reading:
 First Trip Apprentice by Myles Richard [ISBN 1-84394-073-6]  107 pages. "Myles Richard was born in Cardiff in 1935
 and educated at  Clarence Road Secondary School, later studying at Smith's Nautical College and UWIC Nautical Section,

 Mariner's Launch by Ray Solly [ISBN 1-904445-03-9] 181 pages. A deck cadet's training and first years at sea on general
 cargo ships - well written with accuracy and humour.

 Twenty Singing Seamen Prizewinning Stories by Merchant Seamen, selected by Ronald Hope [ISBN 0 540 07381 4]
 127 pages, a collection of fictional stories about the Merchant Navy by merchant seamen.
 My comment: Fiction or fact? Like you, I could put names to many of the characters in these stories

 Trampships, Tankers and Polite Conversation (Experiences of the Merchant Navy during the 1950s and 1960s) by
 John Lee.  ISBN 978-1-4343-0524-4 (150 pages, non fiction, 2007) A Navigation Officer's travels and promotions.
 A very good read.

 Between Silk and Cyanide by Leo Marks. A brilliant read if you are interested in the codebreakers war during WW2
  at S.O.E. ISBN: 0-00-710039-6

 Most Secret War by R.V.Jones. British Scientific Intelligence 1939-1945. This should be read at the same time as
 Between Silk & Cyanide. ISBN 0 241 89746 7

 Through Salt Sprayed Eyes by Robert Welsh. A Radio Officer's account of life in the Merchant Navy during WW2.
  A must, 'though not an easy writing style. ISBN: 978-0-9562985-0-8. Illustrated.

 Doctor at Sea by Richard Gordon (1953). A classic and a 'must read'. To me it wasn't a novel but an accurate account.

 The Raider and the Tramp by Alfred Lund. The effects of Hilfskreuzers on unarmed merchant ships in the Atlantic.
 A thin but very detailed book with personal reports of treatment at the hands of the enemy. ISBN 0 9515256 2 X

 Seaspray and Whisky by Norman Freeman. I would have highly recommended this book if it hadn't been for the
 foul language.

 Sparks at Sea by R W Chandler. A between the Wars account of his life as a Radio Officer. A fascinating read and,
 apart from the radio equipment, little has changed. Couldn't put this one down. Ten out of ten. ISBN 0 7153 5953 3

 Freedom's Battle Vol 1, Voices From The War At Sea edited by John Winton. This collection of personal WW2
 ship stories is a must for my bookshelf. [Includes poetry, for example this extract "You must - take off your clothes
 for the doctor, and stand as straight as a pin. His hand of stone on your white breast-bone, where the bullets all go in",
 from Recruiting Drive by Petty Officer Charles Causley]. Freedom's Battle Vol 1 - ISBN 978-1-845-95082.

 CQ-GTZM Diary of a Maritime Radio Officer, By Ross Bradshaw, ISBN 0-9532781-0-7, 1st Published 1998 (Seawolf
 Press), 2nd Edition 2012 (P W Publishing Ltd, Broadstone, Dorset). Trained at Brunel College, Bristol (the old Muller's
 homes on Ashley Down, and a year ahead of me!!) 1971-73 Ross Bradshaw, a Marconi man, describes in great detail
 each voyage between April 1973 and May 1979 with ships names, radio room and bridge electronic equipment, officers
 and crew personalities and trips ashore. Thoroughly absorbing to an ex R/O, full of memories of characters afloat,
 bars ashore and the odd rogue Master. This is a must read. Recognise any of these ship's callsigns:-
 Beg or buy a copy of this A4 size 148 page paperback with illustrations. An easy put down and pick-up-again book.

 Lancaster Down by Stephen Darlow. A tale of seven airmen. ISBN: 978-0-7537-1527-7. Stephen Darlow writes about his
 grandfather Arthur who kept excellent written records of his entrance into flying and his time in WW2 from 1943 as a pilot
 of Halifax and Lancaster aircraft of 427 and 405 Squadrons until shot down in 1944. Evasion, capture and POW
 at Stalag Luft 3 until liberation are described. This not a romanticised account but factual and therefore highly recommended.

 The Regiment [the real story of the SAS] by Michael Asher, Author of 18 books. ISBN:978-0-141-02652-7.
 Illustrations include David Stirling, Paddy Mayne, Jock Lewis, Bill Fraser, Reg Seekings, Johnny Cooper, Mike Calvert
 and Peter de la Billiere. Action takes place in Mediterranean countries, N.Europe, Borneo, Malaya and The Falklands.

 The Long Silence Falls - The Life and Times of the Merchant Navy Radio Officer 1900-2000.
 A compilation of stories and photographs from radio officers in the merchant navy and from aeronautical flight officers.
 Life stories naming names of colleagues, in places around the world during and after WW2. UK and foreign flagged liners,
 cargo vessels, tankers and tramp ships. Training colleges, radio equipment and first trip experiences, a MUST read for the
 radio officer. This book is now in A4 paperback (300 pages) and available from the Radio Officers Association (R.O.A, Described as "A cross section of articles that have been published in the R.O.A's quarterly
 newsletter 'QSO' between 1999 and 2012. To form a lasting memory of a profession that sadly died in 2000".
 Also available from P.W.Publishing, Tayfield House, 38 Poole Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, BH4 9DW

  Port Alfred, Oloibiri, Post Chaser/Charger, Anco Champion and most Anco Princess photographs property of RS  
  Passenger (B&W) ship and RAF photographs property of SA  
  1960s Royal Navy photographs property of MB  
  The Royal Rhodesia Regiment photographs, WRENS, Winchester Castle videos property of ME 
  Minesweeper MMS-217 photographs property of Len G
  HMT Neuralia photographs and letter property of JE
  Anco Charger, Anco Duke, Athel Queen photographs property of TW
  Anco Duchess, Anco Templar, Athel Regent, Pass of Brander, Post Challenger photographs property of Steve B
  RAF Swinderby photographs property of T.A
  Al Dhafrah, Nordic Louisiana, Coastal Hercules photographs property of R.P
  Fleet News, Anco Champion, Anco Empress, Anco Sovereign, Anco Enterprise, Post Endeavour photographs
  property of J.D
  RN and MN ships, tugs and River Weaver photographs property of Fred Coppenhall (FC).
  RAF Halton Instructors photographs property of S. Russell.
  Llangorse, tanker, B&W, Sydney, Australia C1960s property of A.G. (nee Trigg)
  R.N.Submarines, 1984-2002 property of Steve L, W.O.1

  Future additions:- health permitting, extracts from Captain's log on ss.Tamar 1897.

  Recent additions (19th June) 23rd July 2011   Post Enterprise, Pass of Balmaha, Anco Duke, Anco Princess, Anco Templar, Tacoma City
  30th July St Kearan, Pinnau, Sival (MerseyWeaver), 12th September Silver River, Pax, Opnor (MerseyWeaver)
  10th Dec. 2011 Vulcan, Ark Royal (Armed Forces), Balmaha Lecky (Tankers-Misc), Tacoma City x3, Avila Star (Cargo)
  3rd Feb. 2012 HMS Blake, HMS Belfast, HMS Torquay(Armed Forces), 6th, 8th, 11th Feb. 2012 RAF Habbaniya (Armed Forces)
  8th March 2012 Rhodesian Army additions. 22nd June 2012 Armed forces additions A316 Naval Tug, C609f Water Tanker, P3122's acceptance,
  Admiralty's Leghorn (1919) - all FC. 12th Aug 2012 Mersey/Weaver ships (B&W) courtesy of FC.
  20th/27th Nov 2012 RAF Habbaniya additions. 13th Jan 2013 Kite Flying on Anco Templar (Tankers-Misc)
  5th Feb.2013 Ship's Itineraries - Anco Duke, Anco Sceptre, Anco Templar. (Odds&Ends). 5th June 2013 Tug Sheldrake (Mersey-Weaver & Tugs)
  31st July 2013 Ship's Itineraries - Tacoma City 1977, Post Enterprise 1978 (Odds&Ends).
  15th September 2013 Ship's Itineraries - Pass of Balmaha (Odds&Ends). Redifon Telecommunications Southampton Depot 1970s (Odds&Ends)
  30th Nov 2013 Recommended reading - Ross Bradshaw's CQ-GTZM. 10th February 2014 RAF Halton Instructors 1985
  12th Nov 2014 Recommended reading - Stephen Darlow's Lancaster Down, Michael Asher's The Regiment, The R.O.A's The Long Silence Falls
  2nd Dec 2014 Llangorse in Sydney(Tankers)
  17th Feb 2015 RN Submarine section 1984-2002 (by Steve L.)

  Due to serious health problems the author gives notice of website closure sometime after 2015.
  Webmasters wishing to take on this library of ship's photographs are invited to contact the owner/manager by
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