RAF STATION HABBANIYA, IRAQ, 1940-1942 (+Training at Thorney Island 1939-40)

Training for Habbaniya at Thorney Island 1939-1940   (All photographs S.A.)
 48 Squadron

 RAF Barracks,
  Thorney Island,
  Block 8
Thorney Island, Barracks, Room 15 In the armoury, Thorney Island Thorney Island, Barracks, Block 8
  Gerry (Gerald) Thorogood
   (USA), Stan A

  Vickers Vildebeest

  Remains of an Anson
Gerry Thorogood, Stan A Vildebeest Crashed training Anson

RAF Station Habbaniya, Iraq 1940-1942   (All photographs S.A.)
 Six corporals
    Richard Jackson - r'r ctr
    Stan - front right

 Group - (L to R)
  ?, ?, Kite, Stan, Thomo,
  Sgt Callaway

 Group (L to R)
  Rachid, Ginger Kite, Laws,
  Stan, Thomo, Alec,
  Nugent, ?
Six Corporals Group1 Group2
  Taffy (Dennis) Flower
   & Stan Amos

  Armourer's soccer team

  Taff Flower (Aug '42)
Taffy (Dennis) Flower & Stan Amos Armourer's soccer team Taffy Flower, August 1942
  Mail Drop
   G-AETV Coriolanus

  Airman's NAAFI

  (bombed & mortared
Mail drop Airmen's NAAFI before the trouble Airman's NAAFI after shelling (1941)
  Local villagers


  Flooded Euphrates
  April 1940
local villagers River Crossing
  Nairn Desert Coaches

Nairn Desert Coach Nairn Desert Coaches
  Outdoor cinema

  Outdoor pool

  The gig
RAF Habbaniya outdoor cinema RAF Habbaniya outdoor pool RAF Habbaniya gig
  Baghdad 1940s

  RAF Habbaniya boat club

  Euphrates' Palms
  Armourer's Poem
  "Two B' Years"

  Backsheesh Sahib?

  Shoe Shine Boys
Armourer's Poem - Two B' Years Backsheesh? Shoe shine
  Chota Fish

  RAF vs Scorpion

  The common fly
Chota fish Giant scorpion? Giant dragonfly?
  Smudge & Bagshot
   with 'local' guard

  Smudger Smith

Smudge & Bagshot with 'local' guard Smudger Smith
  Bagshot & Stan A


Bagshot & Stan Amos Jack Gerry T
  Oxcart transport

  Local tradesmen

Oxcart transport Local tradesmen Local tradesmen
  Fallujah Bridge 1941

  Nairn desert coach 1940

Fallujah Bridge 1941 Nairn desert coach 1940
 Camp Guards

  Assyrian Levies

  Kurdish Levies
Assyrian Levies Kurdish Levies
  Indian guards

  Imperial Airways Hotel
   Lake Habbaniya

Indian guards at RAF camp Imperial Airways hotel, Lake Habbaniya
  RAF Habbaniya billets


RAF Habbaniya billets made of mud and straw (1940) Airman's bedspace
  Knell exercising 'Blood'

  The camp races Tote

  Taffy with 'Dusk'
Knell exercising 'Blood' The camp races Tote Taffy with 'Dusk' and Chico

  Knell with 'Blood'

  Jackal lair outside
   the camp
A horse named Dusk Knell with 'Blood' A jackal's lair near the camp
  (Maybe one or two more
  to be added)

The Battle, May 1941   (All photographs S.A.)
  Captured gun

  Tank (whose?)

  Armoured car
Captured gun Tank, theirs or ours? Armoured car
  Enemy gun

  Enemy 'plane

  Enemy gun
Enemy gun Enemy plane Enemy gun
  Captured gun

  Damaged 'plane

  Enemy remains
  (after the jackal)
  Captured armoured

  Captured armour

Captured armoured vehicles after the battle Captured armour after the battle